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How To Choose Golf Shorts

How To Choose Golf Shorts

Women’s and men’s golf shorts are designed with performance in mind ensuring ease of movement & comfort with durability in mind. Below is our guide on how to choose golf shorts to ensure you continue to play a great game, all whilst looking great. 

A2Z Golf supplies golf players and clubs with high quality, high performance and stylish golf apparel, headwear and accessories in Australia. We stock a range of premium golf brands and can customise items with embroidered logos - ideal for uniforms, corporate attire and pro shops. Here is what to consider when choosing golf shorts

How To Choose Golf Shorts

Choosing the right golf shorts will not only ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day but also won’t restrict movement which could impact your performance. There are many types of golf shorts you can choose from, but here are our top three recommendations that will ensure you can enjoy a full day on the green in comfort and style:

Stretch Golf Shorts

Stretch golf shorts ensure you can move with ease and won’t restrict body movement so you performance isn’t impacted. Stretch golf shorts are also ideal for golfers making their way around the course on foot as they are much more comfortable.

Lightweight Golf Shorts

Lightweight golf shorts are a great choice for the hotter weather. We always recommend avoiding bulky clothing so you can maintain unrestricted motion and clothing doesn’t get in the way of your game. Lightweight layers are also better for minimising friction improving the longevity of your golfing attire.

Breathable Golf Shorts

Breathable golf shorts will ensure you stay comfortable and dry throughout the day as they will help to minimise sweat - ideal for the active golfer and those making their way around the course on foot.

As with any sport that requires body movement, clothing is often subject to more friction. This means high-quality fabrics (and a tailored fit) will help to prevent wear such as pilling, fraying and tearing. Having easily accessible pockets with closures such as zips are ideal for keeping your belongings handy but also secure. 

Our Donald Ross men’s golf shorts feature a handy hidden ‘tee pocket’ and ‘score car pocket’. All items in our ranges of both men’s golf shorts and women’s golf shorts have been chosen for their quality & performance and are available in a selection of flattering, classic styles. 

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