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How To Choose Golf Polo Shirts

How To Choose Golf Polo Shirts

Golf polo shirts are a staple in any golf player’s wardrobe. Below is info on the different types of polo shirts you can choose from and how to choose golf polo shirts that ensure you stay comfortable out on the golf course. 

A2Z Golf supplies golf players and clubs with high quality, high performance and stylish golf apparel, headwear and accessories in Australia. We stock a range of premium golf brands that we have hand-picked based on their quality and performance without compromising on style. Here is what to consider when choosing a golf polo shirt

How To Choose Golf Polo Shirts

There are many different types of polo shirt styles to choose from - designed to keep you comfortable warm or cool - all while looking great. During warmer months, sleeveless polo shirts for ladies are a popular choice and long sleeve golf polo shirts are great for both men & women for adding a layer of warmth in the cooler months. 

Men’s and Women’s golf polo shirts are designed not only to be flattering in their fit being tailored to the body’s shape but also means clothing isn’t loose which could obstruct your swing. 

When choosing a golf polo shirt, here are other factors to consider: 

  • Fabric - ensure the polo shirt is made with high-quality, lightweight and breathable fabric. Fabrics that wick away sweat from the body are also a great choice. With golf attire being subject to more friction, high-quality fabrics will help to prevent pilling and tearing. 
  • Fastenings and closures - zips are a good choice as they are quick and easy to adjust. Be mindful of loose cuffs and fastenings that may get in your way and impact your performance. 
  • Collars - High collars can be irritating and could obstruct your view when lining up your swing - go for a neat, shorter style collar.

Personalised Golf Polo Shirts

For personalised golf polo shirts, we are able to customise shirts with embroidered logos - ideal for uniforms, corporate attire, clubs and pro shops. Choose tops from our range of high-quality women’s and men’s golf polo shirts, available in a wide range of colours and we’ll add your logo for a branded, professional look.

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