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Guide To Golf Jumpers And Sweaters

Guide To Golf Jumpers And Sweaters

With the right golfing gear, you can enjoy your game for longer without the weather holding you back. During colder months, golf jumpers are designed to keep you warm and comfortable without the bulk or restricting movement that could affect your performance. Below, we’ve put together a guide to golf sweaters and jumpers so you can continue to enjoy your game all year round whilst being comfortable and warm. 

A2Z Golf supplies golf players and clubs with high quality, high performance and stylish golf apparel, headwear and accessories in Australia. We stock a range of premium golf brands and can customise items with embroidered logos - ideal for uniforms, corporate attire and pro shops. Here is our guide to the best golf sweaters and jumpers.

What To Look For When Choosing A Golf Sweater Or Jumper

The most important thing to consider when choosing a golf jumper is the fabric. Natural fibres such as wool or cotton are ideal as they not only use your body heat to keep you warm without a lot of bulk or layering but are also breathable and wick away moisture. Fabric with stretch is also key as it won't restrict your movement. 

Other factors to consider when choosing a golf jumper include: 

  • Is it anti-pilling? Often, the fabric can pill with a lot of movement so you want a fabric that won’t wear easily when you’re getting in a lot of golf swings.
  • The cut and fit of the golf sweater - a good fitting jumper ensure your clothing doesn’t get in the way during your game.
  • Features like mesh panels (particularly under the arm area) for great for breathability and body temperature regulation
  • Closures that don’t get in your way and are easy to use - zippers are a popular choice for golf sweaters

Many often consider waterproof golf jumpers or windproof golf jumpers as an option. We recommend wearing layers when out for a round of golf during colder months. A water repellent jumper is a good option however a wind or waterproof jacket is best for keeping the wind and rain out with a lightweight golf jumper underneath to keep you warm. 

Our range of men’s golf jumpers and ladies golf jumpers are stylish, made to last and feature high-quality fabrics. They are designed to be versatile in use so you can wear them on and off the golf green. We also have a range of water & windproof jackets and vests ideal for wearing over the top of your jumper.

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