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Guide To Choosing Quality Golf Pants

Guide To Choosing Quality Golf Pants

Golf clothing is designed to ensure you remain comfortable out on the golf course without inhibiting your performance. But how do golf pants differ from normal pants? Below is our guide to choosing quality golf pants that enhance your comfort and performance whilst keeping you looking great at the same time.

A2Z Golf supplies golf players and clubs with high-quality, high-performance and stylish golf apparel, headwear and accessories in Australia. We stock a range of premium golf brands and can customise items with embroidered logos – ideal for uniforms, corporate attire and pro shops. For the best men's golf pants, the best women's golf pants and the best pants for hot weather & cold weather, here are our recommendations:

Tips On Choosing The Best Golf Pants 

When it comes to the best golf pants, the fabric is key. Look for fabrics that are breathable and ideally with a bit of stretch. Being able to move comfortably with ease means you’re able to position your body without restriction for a perfect swing and you’re not distracted by being uncomfortable - important for ensuring you remain on your game. As with any sporting attire, high-quality fabrics are also important. When you invest in any sports gear, including golf pants you want them to be durable so they can stand up to the task.

Best Men's Golf Pants

For the best men's golf pants, we recommend a classic fit with well-tailored seams such as our 38 South men's classic golf pants. The best men's golf pants also have pocket detail so ball markers and tees are handy to get to.

Best Women's Golf Pants

The best women's golf pants, similarly to the best men's golf pants, have well-tailored seams and pocket detail for easy access to small items you’ll need throughout the game that can get lost easily (also handy for lip balm and the like). Look for a well-tailored flattering fit, such as our Jamie Saddock Skinnyliscious Pull On golf pants - with the best women's golf pants you don’t have to compromise on style over performance!

Best Golf Pants For Hot Weather

For golf during the summer months, the best golf pants for hot weather are made with lightweight fabric, ideal with moisture-wicking properties that pull sweat away from your body. On particularly hot days, you can't go past a good pair of classic khaki shorts or for women, golf skorts are very popular.

Best Golf Pants For Cold Weather

For the best golf pants for cold weather, avoid fabrics that absorb moisture. The Zero Restriction Z2000 pants are a great choice as they feature a waterproof, windproof & breathable shell fabric that is lightweight, soft and also has a bit of stretch. 

Buy Quality Golf Pants Online Now

Now you know more about what makes the best golf pants, you can browse our range of high-quality golf pants online. We stock a range of the best men's golf pants, the best women's golf pants and the best golf pants for cold weather & hot weather.