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A2Z Golf Distributorship of Jones Sports Products for Australia and New Zealand

A2Z Golf Distributorship of Jones Sports Products for Australia and New Zealand

A2Z Golf is pleased to announce that we are now the official exclusive distributor of Jones Sports Co in Australia and New Zealand. We are very excited to launch this range of ‘vintage flair‘ golf bags, cooler bags and other exciting golf gear.

Jones Sports Company was founded by George Jones who was a cab driver in Oregon USA in 1971. George literally made carry golf bags in his basement at night and then sold to golf courses out of the boot of his cab in between fares the next day.

This  iconic ‘Original’ golf bag is still available, it is the corner stone of the Jones golf bag range which also includes accessories and travel products that suit modern day needs, combining traditional stylings with modern materials.

“With our in house embroidery service we have the ability to decorate and personalise these products it is the perfect partnership”

.....says Michael Barry, A2Z Golf’s spokes person.

“We are very excited to be the custodian of such a recognised leading brand such as Jones, it's a real feather in our cap. The range of products that will be launched over the coming months will start rolling out in Australia and New Zealand from November 2020.”

Jones parent company partner Matt Lemman commented.....

"We are more than thrilled to have found a reputable Australian Distributor to help build brand awareness. There has been demand in Australia for years, and we look forward to seeing the growth down under with a company who understands our vision, and shares the same business values. Michael Barry and A2Z Golf are exactly what we’ve been searching for, and we know the brand is in good hands".