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What To Wear As Base Layer Golf Clothing

What To Wear As Base Layer Golf Clothing

Being the layer that is next to your skin, base layer golf clothing is one of the most important layers for golf wear. Below we list the things to look out for when choosing base layers for golf to ensure you remain comfortable out on the green during cold weather.

A2Z Golf supplies golf players and clubs with high quality, high performance and stylish golf apparel, headwear and accessories in Australia. We stock a range of premium golf brands and can customise items with embroidered logos - ideal for uniforms, corporate attire and pro shops. Here is what makes the best base layers for cold weather golf

What Makes The Best Base Layer For Cold Weather Golf? 

During the colder months, we recommend wearing layers to keep you warm when out playing golf. With the right layers, you will stay warmer so you can be out on the green for longer whilst also having the flexibility to remove layers if you warm up. So what makes the best base layer for cold weather golf

Below is what to consider when choosing base layers for golf.

What is the Base Layer Made Of?

We are now lucky to have innovative fabrics that whilst are lightweight (so they’re not bulky and don’t restrict body movement - ideal for sports) are also designed to regulate your temperature and wick sweat away from your body. This is ideal for any golfer braving the cold for a day on the green. You’ll stay more consistently comfortable even if temperatures fluctuate or you get a bit active and sweaty. 

Material Quality & Comfort

With any sportswear including base layers for golf, because they are subject to movement quality is key to prevent things like seams tearing, fabric pilling/catching or fastenings like zippers or velcro undoing while you’re mid-swing. 

Our ranges of both men’s and ladies base layers for golf have been specially chosen with performance, comfort and style in mind. Our pieces are timeless, high quality and look great on and off the green. 

Has the garment been designed so it fits your body comfortably? Does it have fastenings or cuffs that may cause friction, impede your swing or restrict movement? 

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